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What You Do In October Part 5

I was sore and tender. My husband took me to our favorite little family diner for lunch. We laughed and talked. We returned home. I worked on computer things. I remembered that I had started shaking a little bit after … Continue reading

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What You Do In October Part 1

Every year I get a mammogram and this year I was able to get one closer to home in a fancy new facility owned the hospital I use. It was a beautiful October day and I felt pretty lucky to … Continue reading

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New Cambienne Labels!

I just designed a new label for Possets and it looks wonderful! From now on all Cambienne limited fragrance labels will have the beautiful image of the Cambienne gentleman on them. He is surrounded by a mandorla of the zodiac … Continue reading

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Webhosts…There’s No Place Like Index

As I usually do, I went looking around for a better webhost. I had been with 1and1 for 7+ years and I was told that they were not really as great as others. I thought I would try out other … Continue reading

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Writing With Real Ink—Black and Blue

Since Possets Perfume is having a Poetry Collection for Summer of 2013, I think it quite fitting to talk about the accessories to poetry: pens, inks, papers and journals and anything else that the budding poet would need to practice … Continue reading

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New Samples in Possets Perfume

I just got the sample sizes of the 3 most popular perfumes from the highly successful Sacred Geometry Collection from Spring 2013: Phyllotaxis, Fearful Symmetry, and The Arc of Venus. . They are now available and you can order them … Continue reading

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Taking Up Yoga: Equipment

If you decide to take up Yoga, you will need a few things. I am going to give you my list of places and items which have helped me and I hope they will be useful to you, too. 1) … Continue reading

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Doesn’t Anyone Use Last Names Anymore? No, Why Should They?

Up until now, I must say… I have been sore tested by moderns who only use first names. If you ask them who they were out with last night they answer,”Joe”. To whom were you talking on the phone, “Brittany”. … Continue reading

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Learning About Sacred Geometry

The theme for our spring line is Sacred Geometry and in honor of that and in response to a couple of requests about how to find out more about this fascinating subject, I have decided to give you a book … Continue reading

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Right Now

I am still working on the Spring fragrance line at Possets Perfume. It is really going well but I have to exercise a lot of care in its making in order for it to be as good as I need … Continue reading

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