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Making The Best Of An Ironic Fate

I went to my yearly ladybits inspection at my Ob-Gyn’s office. Everything was just fine except for one aspect. She held the mirror up to my delicates and told me that I was allergic to the fragrance in soap! Dear … Continue reading

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Yin Yoga is a Dish Best Served Cold

I thought that taking a hot yin yoga class would be the next best thing to heaven. There is a hot yoga studio near me that is a real treat. They offer hot yin and I was really looking forward … Continue reading

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Bella Bella Luna

In honor of a special occasion, welcoming a friend into the neighborhood, we decided to have dinner at Bella Luna. It is Italian (and everyone loves Italian food), it’s deliriously decorated, and it is properly “in to hood”. This isn’t … Continue reading

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Jean-Robert’s Table–A Simply Perfect Evening

It was my birthday and my husband wanted to treat me to an evening at Jean-Robert’s Table in Downtown. It is quite convenient as it’s right next to a parking lot, which is a Godsend if you are wearing high … Continue reading

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Dial M for MMMMMMM

From the first second you enter, you know this place is going to be a success. You can feel it on your skin. The man who meets you at the door is happy up beat and polite. This is a … Continue reading

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