The Blackest Black

In case you ever wanted to know what the blackest black fountain pen ink is, for my money it’s…

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Someone just e-mailed me with the question about fountain pens which is one of the most common questions asked: what is the blackest black fountain pen ink? Well, to my eyes it is Noodler’s Black. Noodler’s is a quirky little ink maker in the Northeast of the United States. They make a HUGE assortment of colored inks and specialty inks for a variety of uses (for instance they make an ink which can be used in cold temperatures, or waterproof, or lubricating inks for balky pens, limited inks which can be bought only in one place, and more). Noodler’s Black is the darkest and richest black ink I have ever used. If you are interested, I would highly recommend They are the least expensive seller of pens and inks out there. There are loads of really good inks and pens to play with. Already have a fountain pen…

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