How I Make Cambienne

cambiennebackgroundI love making a new Cambienne. Mind you, it is a challenge but it makes me feel that I have done something daring and risky and pulled it off. First, let me explain briefly what Cambienne is, it’s a perfume which I make at the beginning of the year. I try to make it smell like the feel I get from the earth and atmosphere at the cold beginning of a time chunk. Often I try to simulate earth and wetness (cold wetness like snow falling on plowed ground. There is usually a bit of {hidden} green scent about it because I want to tell the wearer that spring will indeed come again).

Then I bottle Cambienne and let my clients know it’s ready for sale. However, Cambienne is made is limited quantities. I sell it until the level of Cambienne falls to about 1/3 of the flask and then I stop production (this is also a movable feast because if I decide that a Cambienne I have made is a delicate blend, I might stop sales sooner than 1/3 of the flask.

Next, I have to ask myself how the world has changed. Is the temperature warming up, are there more movements among the animals around, is there a hint that the earth is going to bloom again? Also, what is happening inside our homes plays a role. Valentines are all chocolate, cinnamon, perfume, roses; St Patrick’s day might have a hint of beer and I like to serve mint chocolate chip icecream for desert (it’s green) and how about the smell of greenery (as Ireland is a green land)…you get the idea.

Now here is the challenge: Cambienne is a perfume which I use the base I created from the version before and I build on that to make the next version of Cambienne. So the  second one I create has a good shot of the first one I made as a base upon which to create. I can’t be to strong with the old or the new ingredients here or else I will wipe out the perfume. I want a balance which allows the perfume to show you the old and the new elements AND there has to be harmony between the two versions which makes for a beautiful finished product. All that balancing is difficult to achieve. One mistake and I have ruined the whole batch, there is no erasing what I just did!

But this is such a highly creative and amusing process for me that I have to take the risk.What if something goes wrong? Well, then the entire thing would be ruined.

I have once split the Cambienne left over into two batches and presented two separate Cambiennes! I once mixed up the first Cambienne of the year and liked it so much, I stopped the process and made it into a permanent Posset (that was Sex Juice, so that shows you what it reminded me of). There are other Cambiennes which were out of the ordinary: those commemorating friends who died, ones which mimicked roses in my garden and the scent of gardenias and gunpowder where both were present in my neighborhood after Independence Day celebration and a neighbor was growing gardenias, and the famous Bete Noirs which were among the darkest resins I ever conjured up.

The fact that Cambiennes are ephemeral is part of their charm, their changeable nature and the difficulty in making them successfully. They do sell out quickly, so if you have a Cambienne you love, congratulations!

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