The Dilly Deli In Mariemont–Not So Much

I used to love to go to The Dilly Deli after a good film at The Mariemont Cinema; or to meet friends there and have a great evening chatting and drinking wine and eating in a convivial atmosphere. This Tuesday evening was just dreadful. We came in after seeing a heavy duty art film and saw that there was a jolly looking crowd outside but inside was a bit flat. There were no live bands anywhere but it was a Tuesday. Our waitress was OK, she looked like she was out of Buffalo Wings and Things but didn’t have that horrid buzz saw voice that a lot of women have nowadays. We ordered a glass of wine each which came with no fuss. So far so good.

I asked about their quiche of the evening. It was “chicken fajita”…sounded revolting. I asked what it was like. “Tastes just like a chicken fajita.” Ewwww. I fell back on the old old standby, the Mariemont Strand Salad (uninspired but great for the perpetual dieter…you can get chicken on it and so I ordered a dinner sized one). My husband ordered the gnocchi with sausage and a nice red sauce with a salad (extra). No bread came with the dinner at all.

My husband got his salad. Real ordinary. At $5 extra, I thought it was a bit high but…he wanted greens.

Then the waitress brought the dinners. My husband didn’t get gnocchi…not even close, those were some kind of rotini with old tired Bob Evans sort of sausage and a light dusting of the most average Italian red sauce I have ever tasted. Really Bad. My Strand Salad was the side salad size. I sent it back to become the dinner size. They just added more lettuce and dumped the chicken on it and that was it.

My husband was not happy with his “gnocchi” and complained. He was told the chef ran out and it was the waitresses’ fault he was not told.

The whole dinner came to $75!!! What a crock.

I know they have dismissed one of the jolly bands who used to play there. This was an utterly silent evening with lackluster food and service.

I was told by a native that The Dilly Deli was trying to find a buyer and I guess they did. Someone who had no idea of what it takes to please a loyal clientele. At least loyal until they get a forkful of the latest fare. We won’t be back. There are a lot of other places to eat around the Theatre and we will avail ourselves of them. I was sorry we walked by The National Exemplar on our way there, that was prescient of me—next time we go there.

So, if you are in Mariemont and go see an “art” film, don’t bother with The Dilly Deli anymore. It’s expensive and pretty awful.

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