The Biggest Disappointment in Years

I am going to recount something which happened to me today simply because I am really shocked and appalled by it. I was walking through a department store in Cincinnati, Dillard’s, and saw a bottle of Miss Dior sitting on a counter. I felt a bit nostalgic and went over to spray a tiny amount on my left hand and relive just for a second the moment when my mother gave it to me as a “signature scent”. The bottle was now a squat glass rectangular vessel with a classic stopper and a silver bow at the bottom of the stopper. The contents were pink (!).

ARGGGGGH! The stuff which came blasting out of that sprayer was NOTHING like Miss Dior. It was the vulgar, loud, and graceless grand daughter of Miss Dior. A punch of deep bug spray smelling musk dragged along a sulky character-free generic “candy” addition which added up to a confused mess of gigantic indifference. The real Miss Dior was an ice queen of sandalwood and rose, she was haughty with nothing of the Cafe Society about her. This was non stop talking about yourself on a cell phone with a Fran Drescher voice. Fine if you are clowning around but as far from sexy as possible.

I never thought I would see the day that this great French icon was destroyed. Whether it be through pedestrian taste or through the silly junk science of the EU regarding perfume, but Miss Dior is no more. Anything I have ever made in my facility at Possets is head and shoulders incontrovertibly better than Miss Dior. I never ever thought I would see the day that I would be able to say that and it does not make me happy or proud, just sad and wistful.

Miss Dior is just as hideously overpriced as it is hideous smelling.

To come across something bad is a shock, but to come across something destroyed on purpose is a grave misfortune.

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