As Changes Occur…

I think that tastes change and possibilities do as well. At Possets Perfume I have been finding some wonderful sources of ingredients and started to use a different philosophy to augment my original light and foody perfumes. I still have a lot of the gourmandy sorts but now I am using ultra dark resins, musks which are thick and syrupy, and very strong attars and amazing elements and coming up with things that I would not have produced 5 years ago.

I was thinking about my changing tastes and also about yours. I think we are shifting our preferences in tandem and it’s good that we are on the same page, of course. Perhaps I have lost my timidity and am willing to explore the wilder side of scent, but I think that is a natural progression from “virgin nose” to mature. I am liking the changes I have wrought since the Egyptian Collection came on the scene in the summer of this year.

Now is the winter of our full fledging. All of my exploration has really come together in the Yule Collection. It is a very strong bunch punctuated with quite a few sugary top notes to compliment the bass chords struck. I hope that you enjoy them, take a look at My theme is Dark Revels, but it is a very merry revel in the dark! As always, the price is tiny, the value is immense, and they are the perfect holiday gift and they even come pre wrapped so you can just open the package attach your tag and give!

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