Weight Loss 7-Companies

victorySo far I have just talked about the free things you can get on line, like LoseIt. There are plenty of paid companies which are there to help you lose weight: Jenny Craig and WeightWatchers are the two most famous ones in America. They are really good if you need the face-to-face encouragement to lose. Some of them rely on a shame factor (you are weighed in front of other people), some rely on the sharing factor of talking about your progress in front of other sympathetic people. You might have to buy a special meal plan or you might be able to pick up their brand of foods in the grocery store anywhere. If it helps you, go for it. You might actually need the motivation of thinking that you would have to get up and admit that you were not as faithful to your diet in the past week, THAT might be the things which keeps you from straying and if that is so, that’s OK. Others might crave the joy of sharing their victories with other folks…that’s pretty human. Just about all of the weight loss companies have years of experience and have helped others. They are more expensive than the do-it-yourself variety of diets but if they help you, it is worth it.

For the do-it-yourselfer there is Lean Cuisine brand foods have been useful to me. They are packaged so that you get a measured amount of calories and you know exactly what you are eating. Those are hot lunches and dinners and easy to throw in your bag as you leave the house, microwave and are quite well balanced and good. they are also frequently on sale and much less than eating in restaurants.

In any case, the big challenge is to maintain your weight loss and that is the dailiness of health. I will get to that at the end of this series, it is a topic worthy of its own attention.

I lost 25 lbs last year and was able to keep it off so far, that is 6 months! I did it through a combination of eating less and moving more. I watched what I ate and recorded to calories. Much to my surprise, I found I was eating a LOT more than I needed to and have decreased the amount of food I have every day. I only need 1800-1900 calories a day and I routinely went over without even noticing! It’s so easy to gain weight and tough to lose it, but there are things which work well and I want to explore them with you during the Great Month Of Weight Loss—January! Happy new year!—Fabienne from Possets Perfume.

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