Weightloss 5-Numbers

NikeI have had good luck with the calorie counting method of losing weight. Simply put, you set a budget of calories you can eat per day and eat less than that and you will lose weight. LoseIt does just that, they give you your budget for your age, gender, and height. All you have to do is stay in your budget. You can choose to lose 1/2-2 lbs a week in half pound increments.

There are thousands of restaurant and grocery store foods stored in LoseIt and you can tap them up on your smartphone or computer easily and they will put in your portion. Sometimes all you have to do is scan the bar code on the back of a package and it will bring up all the information you need to make a wise choice. It also allows you to put in a favorite recipe and calculates how much each serving’s calories is. You can choose from previous meals (helpful if you eat the same thing every day). Then they have an exercise area, too where you put in what you accomplished in terms of your exercise and then it gives you your calories left for the day.

I weigh myself every morning and put in my weight on my smartphone or on the computer. You will get a kick out of watching your graph go down. LoseIt tells you how much you lost since you started, which is gratifying.

HOWEVER, there will come a time when you plateau. Everyone does and it’s jolly discouraging. It does not help that the sluggish weight loss occurs in January, the dreariest month around here. Persevere. You won’t lose weight if you give up, and if you are telling the truth and keep at it, you will budge the numbers down and continue on your way.

Most of the weight loss groups have friends you can make. People who are on the same journey you are. At first you might resist that. You might not want new friends, might not want others to see what you have been eating (you can turn on and off the feature which shows what you have eaten to others), you might not want to put up with other people’s neuroses or trying to sell you stuff. You don’t have to, you can accept or reject whom you like and develop a nice circle of friends who are trying earnestly like you are and want to prop you up when you sag. Friends are a good thing, just choose wisely and they are a real help in the losing process. The nuts usually don’t last too long and go elsewhere relatively soon.

As you go along and lose weight you start to collect badges. There are badges for several types of weight loss (in 5 lb increments), making more friends, and other activities. They are fun, and a good way to commemorate your accomplishments.

Please note, I am using LoseIt as my example and there are a lot of other free apps/internet programs which do the same thing. Google is your friend here and you might find something you like better. Happy Hunting!

I lost 25 lbs from January 2011 to June 2011. It came off about a pound a week and I have managed to keep it off for 6 months. It has not been real hard but you do have to work on it. These are the things I learned when I was going through my diet, I hope they work for you. I am not being paid or sponsored by any of the companies or entities here, I am just telling you what worked for me.

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