WeightLoss-Moving More Part Deux—Some Facts and Some Fictions

As much as I would like to bring the longed for news that spot reduction is a great thing and here’s how…I cannot. The idea of spot reduction is a fraud and don’t believe anyone who says that they can reduce the size of your tummy, rump, thighs, or double chin alone. That. Can’t Happen.

I am afraid that you are entirely interconnected and that Mother Nature doesn’t give a hoot if your butt is the size of the Hindenburg and your tummy is as flat as Kansas. When you gain weight, it is all over and in the pattern that your ancestors established. Alas! Alack! That is your fate.

Also, you cannot merely “tone”. What is that anyway? Tone? You can define your muscles more, you can make them bigger and more noticeable but you can’t “tone” anything. The descriptive word is null.

“Spot Toning” is a term for something which does not exist. It’s a lot like “unicorn steaks” or “free Beer”. It is a state of being made of myth. If anyone tells you they can help you “spot tone” any part of your corpus, thank them and run away. They are trying to take your money, and don’t know what they are talking about.

If you are a woman, you can increase the size of your muscles but you will most likely not look like Charlene Atlas. Don’t worry about looking muscle bound, you won’t.

You can increase the size of your upper body, a good thing if you are one of those afflicted with being “pear shaped”. Concentrate on the pectoral, shoulder, and biceps and triceps in particular. If you are a woman, you won’t get to the stage of looking top heavy, but you can (with patient unremunerated toil) look much more balanced and more interesting all over.

A great way to start your moving more is to sign up for a class in weight lifting and begin that way. It’s an easy entry into the world of physical fitness and soon you will be investigating the cardio classes as well.

I think that the most effective way to exercise is to do weights one day, cardio the next. You are using the muscles differently and so they are being pleasantly challenged every day. Cardio is so important because of the way it increases your endurance, taxes your breathing, and burns the most calories of all. Oh, and you are getting stronger when you work out on the cardio floor, too.

I lost 25 lbs from January 2011 to June 2011. It came off about a pound a week and I have managed to keep it off for 6 months. It has not been real hard but you do have to work on it. These are the things I learned when I was going through my diet, I hope they work for you. Want to talk about it? Visit me at www.possets.com/possetsforum

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