What I Like Now (From Other People)

Sarah Siddons as the Tragic Muse of the Internets
I am a perfumer. I can have just about any perfume I want because I can make it myself. But, sometimes you feel like a chef, you just like other people’s cooking and you like the innocence of not knowing ALL about what is in the blend. Here are some things I like very much from other perfumers:

  • Winter Delice from Guerlain A beautiful fir and lavender and other things blend which was a limited run from the Aqua Allegoria line
  • Pamplalune from Guerlain Again another Aqua Allegoria cologne which smells of grapefruit and cumin. An odd combination because there is a sweat-like part to the fragrance and why that is appealing I think it reminds people of a good long roll in the hay with the one you want contrasted with that grapefruit part which can’t be real grapefruit because it lasts too long.
  • Femme from Rochas Plummy chypre which is very very strong and lovely.
  • Or Noir from Pascal Morabito Another plum in the background fragrance, hard to describe and one of the great scents to come out of the ’80s as it had character and harmony which is rare.
  • Le Must de Cartier Luca Turin does not like this one but I think it’s an enduring masterpiece of what you can do with lavender. Used right lavender breaks apart and becomes an amplifier and unifier for other parts of a perfume, used wrong and it’s just obnoxiously present adding nothing but itself. This one performs the feat of making lavender more than just itself.
  • Miss Balmain from Balmain As close as we can come to the legendary Bandit nowadays. A big heavy leathery chypre without the sharp green backlash.
  • Azzaro 9 from Azzaro One of the very few perfumes ever which used the scented daffodil as it’s inspiration. Very yellow and beautiful.
  • Joy by John Patou I will always love Joy for its rambunctious use of rose and jasmine. Full throated woman and unashamed.

I do wear all of them on occasion and love them all. Some are probably not made any more (I bought a lot of them long ago and perhaps when I go back they will be gone).

I am pretty picky about what perfumes I wear and I don’t like everything. I do have the capacity of getting used to a perfume and trying to learn to love it over time, but many are sniffed and few are loved especially nowadays.

That is probably why I became a perfumer: to get what I want. Some folks will go to any lengths to get what they want, at least in some things.

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