What I Have Loved And Lost

Yes, it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Here are some of the perfumes that I just adored and they are not made anymore. Alas, all good things must come to an end. But they did influence my taste and so made an indelible mark on what I make today.

  • Kiku By Faberge-It was one of the first compositions using the “new” musks and it married so beautifully with citrus of a unique and incense-like way. It was amazing as it was chic, sophisticated, sexy, sassy, and even wonderful for evening wear. It was grand and kooky at the same time. Iconic, it came in a yellow round bottle and it simply was not like anything that Faberge came out with at that time, and they had a very very rangy line of perfumes from the vile Aphrodite, to the half wonderful Tigress.
  • Tuxedo by Ralph Lauren-My husband gave me this for Christmas one year and I thought it was STRONG! It was a musk composition and it was strictly 1980 Loud and Good. Came in a black bottle and appeared with the Ralph Lauren line of cosmetics and left with them as well. Safari was the other Ralph Lauren fragrance which appeared about this time, I thought it was character-free but it continued on and Tuxedo disappeared.
  • Red by Geoffrey Beene I still dream about Red which came out in the late 70s. It was indefinable and I spent my last pennies on a bottle of this in grad school. How anyone would let this one slip away, I will never know. Again it was a musk scent, blended up to the hilt and riddled with just about every synthetic goodie made at the time. Exquisite.
  • Prince Matchabelli-This was a sort of humble offering by the time I got to it. My mother had it as a bath oil capsule and I thought it was like a more kindly version of Bandit. I think it was a chypre and had enormous staying power.

The sad sad thing about loving a perfume is losing it. You know it’s like teenage love, it’s going to vaporize one day and you will never ever enjoy it in your face again. Yes, that tired old observation does hold: fragrance is memory, but please don’t think I am offering you that one as a new a profound glimpse of life. I remember the fragrance for itself, regardless of me or what I was doing or my marvelous self. Fragrances are their own entities, inviting you to explore them, poke inside their many petaled chambers, and smell them until they seduce themselves into YOUR memory and fool you into thinking that they are a bolster of your imagination.

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